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How Do I Get Rid of Pink Eye?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is so named due to the color it turns your eye. Other symptoms include inflammation, itchiness, burning, sensitivity to light, and general discomfort and pain.

Pink eye can be caused by bacteria or a virus, or it can be an allergic reaction to common irritants. The bacterial and viral varieties of pink eye are highly contagious, making thorough hand washing necessary when dealing with the condition.

Home Treatment for Pink Eye

Pink eye can be treated at home with simple remedies including:

  • Wipe the eyelid with a clean, warm washcloth several times a day
  • Dip a clean washcloth in warm water and apply it to your eye for ten minutes. Dip another clean washcloth in cold water and apply it immediately afterward for 15 minutes. Do this several times a day
  • Place a drop of honey in your eye and cover it with a tea bag soaked in water for ten minutes several times a day. Almost any type of tea will work, but herbal teas containing chamomile and fennel may provide the most relief

Allergic pink eye can be treated with over the counter antihistamines and eye drops specifically formulated to treat pink eye.

If symptoms of pink eye do not improve within four days, it becomes necessary to visit your eye doctor for medical treatment.

Medical Treatment for Pink Eye

If your pink eye does not respond to home remedies, you can visit your eye doctor for additional treatment. Medical treatment of pink eye may include prescription eye drops or oral antibiotics. Most instances of pink eye will self-resolve, but due to its contagious nature, many people choose this more rapid form of treatment.

To learn more, please see Questions about Pink Eye and How Long Does Pink Eye Last?

If you or your child is suffering from pink eye that has not responded to home remedies, please contact an experienced ophthalmologist in your area to schedule a visit today.

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